xổ số bình thuận

xổ số bình thuận

Forest tree breeds center and Planted forest development

North Central Region High Qualified Seed Centre

Afforestation enterprise, investment in planting 2.500 hectares forest in Quy Chau and Que Phong District, Nghe An Province.

At present, Company has the forest tree breeds center in the local districts of Nghe An and Ha Tinh. Company’s goal is to research and breed high-quality forestry trees. Activities of research, development and production of afforestation in the coming time will be carried out in the direction of closely combining traditional breeding research with the application of biotechnology, wood science and forest pests and diseases; Applied research with forestry extension.

Applying some new technologies such as breeding by molecular markers, gene transformation, artificial embryo, stimulating early flowering and mini-cutting … into traditional breeding improvement programs to improve efficiency and shorten the breeding cycle.

The research work will be carried out synchronoxổ số bình thuậnly from selection of breeding, propagation and appropriate silvicultural measures in sxổ số bình thuậntainable forest bxổ số bình thuậniness for major forest plant species providing large timber, paper timber or increasing resilience, pests and drought.

In addition, the expansion and construction of systematic demonstration models for newly recognized varieties which will also be strengthened through implementation of pilot production projects and forestry extension projects.

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