xổ số bình thuận

xổ số bình thuận

Manufacture of furniture

One of the most important roles of Vietnam’s export is woods processing production. Vietnam exports wood products to 120 countries, with export revenues reaching 9.3 billion USD. The largest import partner is the United States, Japan and the European Union.

The woods processing enterprises focxổ số bình thuận on Central Vietnam and South Vietnam. Only one southern province, Binh Duong, has up to 200 wood processing companies, including 64 foreign-invested enterprises.

The wood processing indxổ số bình thuậntry in Vietnam is developed mainly by private enterprises. Therefore, in recent years, the proportion of state-owned enterprises in wood processing has fluctuated around 10% of the total volume. The rest is due to different types of private enterprises (including direct investment from foreign capital). State-owned enterprises largely guarantee the supply of timber and forest products to serve the state’s strategic objectives as shipbuilding, construction of energy facilities, defense facilities and implementation of export supplies.

Thanh Thanh Dat also welcomed that trend, invested 2 lines of MDF factories with a total capacity of 500,000 m3 of products per year at Vu Quang Indxổ số bình thuậntrial Zone-Ha Tinh and Tri Le Indxổ số bình thuậntrial Zone-Anh Son-Nghe An.  Currently, The MDF factory in Ha Tinh has come into operation and produced the first products.

Interior space

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